Time to make decisions

The regular season opener against the Tennessee Titans is less than three weeks away, and we still don't know how the starting quarterback will be, what the starting offensive line will look like, and the running back spot might even change between now and then. Should that be a concern?

The Dolphins do have to make the right choices and it's particularly important at quarterback, so maybe you shouldn't rush things.

But the mere fact that there is so much unsettled so late in training camp is not a good sign. That much should be pretty obvious.

We know now that Chris Chambers and Marty Booker will be the starting wide receiver and that Randy McMichael will start at tight end.

On the offensive line, we have a pretty good idea that Wade Smith will line up at left tackle, even though Coach Dave Wannstedt called him out after the Washington game -- and that was the first time in a long, long time we have heard the coach suggest Smith needed to play better.

Jeno James is fine at left and Seth McKinney will start at center, that much we know. The Dolphins continue to express their satisfaction with John St. Clair, who looks like the starter at right tackle.

Finally, we know Rob Konrad will start at fullback.

The other spots? Who knows?

What we do know is that the longer the decision is delayed, the longer it will take for everyone to get in sync, and the longer it will take for the offense to become efficient.

That's, of course, assuming it can ever get efficient this year.

The Dolphins are in a pickle here. They need to make solid decisions, but they need to make them quick. They need to make sure everybody stays healthy, but they need to get their starting offense reps together when it becomes finalized.

At this point, you're probably wondering who we think should start at right guard, running back and quarterback.

OK, we say Vernon Carey needs to start at right guard, even though it doesn't look that's going to happen considering he's practicing this week at right tackle. Taylor Whitley or Rex Hadnot? Sorry, but neither inspires tremendous confidence at this point.

At running back, we still maintain Sammy Morris is a better choice than Travis Minor, although the Dolphins need to do themselves a favor and constantly check to see what's out there.

Finally, we get to quarterback. Two schools of thought here: As of right now, I'd feel more comfortable with Jay Fiedler because there's something about A.J. Feeley that tells me he'd be error-prone. But the flip side is that we don't know how good Feeley can become and there's only one way to find out. Having already made the commitment to Feeley with the trade and the big contract, it's almost a case where the Dolphins have to find out -- and find out now -- whether they goofed with the Feeley trade.

If Feeley doesn't start this year, the trade will have been a bad one because you don't trade a No. 2 pick for a third-stringer who's not ready to start immediately.

We just can't wait to find out how this play out.

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