Decision time almost here

Coach Dave Wannstedt has insisted all along he was in no hurry to announce his starting quarterback, suggesting, in fact, that he might not make any type of announcement. This is highly unusual for a quarterback battle to take this long and, make no mistake, it's not making either Jay Fiedler or A.J. Feeley particularly happy.

So who will it be?

It's got to be Feeley, that would appear to be fairly clear.

And, right or wrong, it's going to come down to the investment the Dolphins have made in him.

The bottom line is that the preseason has shown there is very little difference between these two guys.

Feeley has a better arm and can make some throws that Fiedler can't.

Fiedler is more mobile and can avoid the pass rush a little better. Besides, he's a big-time team player who has to have earned the respect of his teammates by now.

But the Dolphins went out on a limb when they acquired Feeley, and since there's not a huge difference between the two guys, it's almost impossible to imagine them not wanting to see what he can do.

Is it a gamble? To a certain degree, because the Dolphins know they'll get with Fiedler and that's a decent, not spectacular, quarterback. A guy who's not going to win games for you, but a guy who also won't lose them, the way Ray Lucas did against Buffalo two years ago.

Feeley? Who knows? Glass half-full says he could be a major upgrade and make some plays and actually pull out some games when other parts of the Dolphins aren't functioning very well.

Glass half-empty says he gets overwhelmed by getting a full-time role, makes some bad mistakes and costs the Dolphins a game or two or three.

On a personal level, this corner would rather see Fiedler get the job because he's a stand-up guy and because Feeley comes off as a little standoff-ish.

But the Dolphins have been above-average for too long, and they will need better quarterback play at some point to reach the next level.

Sorry, but they won't get it from Fiedler. They might not get it from Feeley, either, but they know to find out sooner or later.

And we say sooner is the time to do it. Besides, it's not as though the Dolphins have a championship team they don't want to mess up this season.

This has the looks of a season that could be a long. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Making Feeley the starter isn't that drastic.

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