Why Fiedler?

Coach Dave Wannstedt wasn't exactly divulging a whole lot Tuesday when he discussed his decision to name Jay Fiedler the starting quarterback for Sunday's season opener against Tennessee. But there were some interesting comments one could gather if one were to read between the lines.

The one that stands out was one that Wannstedt repeated a couple of times, and that was that he picked Fiedler because he felt Fiedler gave the team the best chance to win this week.

Emphasis on "this week."

One easily could read into that this was not a season-long appointment Wannstedt made Monday when he met with both quarterbacks and informed them of his decision.

This is looking like a situation where the team could rotate quarterbacks from time to time.

Obviously, this isn't an ideal scenario. Then again, nothing that could be accomplished with the quarterbacks on this roster is an ideal scenario.

An ideal scenario at quarterback is having Peyton Manning or Brett Favre as your starter. Or Steve McNair. Or Tom Brady. Or Donovan McNabb. Or Daunte Culpepper.

But the Dolphins don't have that luxury.

So why did Wannstedt pick Fiedler?

We suspect there a couple of reasons, most notably leadership, mobility and experience.

Like it or not, it takes time for most quarterbacks to gain the respect of teammates, and A.J. Feeley simply hasn't played enough to have gotten that. And his laid-back personality also might not be conducive to generating a take-charge presence very quickly.

Say what you want about Fiedler, he has that.

The mobility factor could be very important against a Tennessee team that likes to blitz a lot. The Dolphins offensive line, let's face it, is still pretty questionable right now and the last thing Wannstedt wants to see is his quarterback on his back all day Sunday.

Fiedler, much more than Feeley, has the ability to scramble away from pressure and make plays that way.

We close with the experience factor, and that really doesn't need to be explained.

Add it all up and it made perfect sense to go with Fiedler against Tennessee.

But for the long run? We're still going to say the Dolphins have to take a shot with Feeley here because Fiedler will only do so much.

Maybe that will be the Dolphins' plan once they get past that first game. Who knows?

The only thing certain about the Dolphins quarterback situation right now, even after the appointment of Fiedler for the opener, is that there remains a lot of uncertainty.

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