Report card

Here's a look at how every unit performed in the Dolphins' 17-7 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

QUARTERBACKS — Jay Fiedler stunk up the place so badly that he was replaced at halftime by A.J. Feeley, who was only slightly better. Fiedler was intercepted twice and fumbled once, but was lucky that his fumble was recovered by teammate Jeno James and that the Titans dropped another potential interception. Feeley, meanwhile, threw an interception that was returned for a crushing touchdown when the score was 7-0 in the third quarter.

Grade: F

RUNNING BACKS — Given what they have to work with (read, offensive line), the backs didn't do a bad job. Both Travis Minor and Sammy Morris had to leave the game early because of ankle injuries, but they both had their moments. Lamar Gordon made his Dolphins debut, and looked promising. The numbers weren't great, but then again they're not going to be for a while if the offensive line can't open any holes.

Grade: C

RECEIVERS — For the most part, the receivers had a decent performance, although they didn't look like they were creating much separation a lot of times. But there were too many penalties, notably an illegal start and holding on Marty Booker. Randy McMichael also had a key drop in the third quarter when he lost the ball as he was hit by linebacker Keith Bulluck. Had he maintained possession, the Dolphins would have had a shot at a field goal in a 7-0 game or could have gone for it on fourth-and-1 from the Tennessee 31.

Grade: C-

OFFENSIVE LINE — Ugh. These guys are just not very good right now, and it seems like everybody is taking turns getting beat. Seth McKinney probably had the best game of all, but he also was flagged for a false start when he double-clutched on a snap. Left guard Jeno James, who is supposed to be the rock of the line, was called for holding. Right guard Taylor Whitley, meanwhile, continues to look overmatched. The two tackles looked OK at best. There was constant pressure on Feeley and Fiedler, which didn't make their job any easier.

Grade: D-

DEFENSIVE LINE — The Dolphins gave up 182 yards rushing, so not everything was perfect. Yet watching the game it looked like the defensive line did a pretty decent job. Jay Williams was the Dolphins' best defensive lineman on this day, followed by Larry Chester. Jason Taylor was awfully quiet, while new starting defensive end David Bowens didn't do much. Newcomer Bryan Robinson made a big play on a third-and-1.

Grade: B

LINEBACKERS — The Dolphins' best player against Tennessee was Junior Seau, who had six tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery. Zach Thomas wasn't far behind with 13 tackles. Morlon Greenwood was pretty quiet, but again he comes out in passing situations.

Grade: B+

SECONDARY — Considering the Titans didn't feel the need to throw the ball much, the secondary wasn't tested very often. Steve McNair threw for only 73 yards on 9-of-14 passing. There also weren't many dramatic breakdowns in the secondary.

Grade: B-

SPECIAL TEAMS — This unit had a tough time last year, and it was pretty ugly against Tennessee as well. Start with Olindo Mare, who missed a 46-yard field goal attempt wide right. Lamont Brightful had one nice kickoff return before leaving the game with a shoulder injury, but he also allowed a short punt to land and roll for a 58-yard kick. The worst thing, though, were the penalties. Way, way too many.

Grade: D

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