Time to stick with one

OK, this quarterback issue has been addressed ad nauseum, but let us join the long list of observers, analysts and even players who think that playing two quarterbacks is not the way to go.

In fact, it's a recipe for disaster.

Tight end Randy McMichael said as much Wednesday when he talked about the chemistry players associated with using two quarterbacks.

There's also the issue of looking over your shoulder.

Quarterback A.J. Feeley said he wouldn't worry about making a bad play for fear of being pulled, but after what happened to Jay Fiedler in the opener, could you blame him if he did?

Again, argue all you want about Fiedler deserving to get the hook at halftime of the opener, but the fact remains that Wannstedt set a bad precedent by pulling him so quickly and then continuing to insist that his quarterback decision will be a week-by-week thing.

Make a stand. Pick a guy. Stick with him.

Wannstedt's biggest downfall as a coach always has been his reluctance to go for it, and that's just what he's doing right now.

It will cost the Dolphins if he continues down this path, and that ultimately will cost him his job.

Feeley. Fiedler. We're still going to say it should be Feeley.

But at this point, we wouldn't even care that much if it meant that Wannstedt finally had made a choice and had committed to stick to it.

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