Wednesday notes

Coach Dave Wannstedt said the lineup changes -- Damion McIntosh starting at left tackle and Wes Welker taking over as the kick returner -- weren't meant to send a message, but rather to simply try to make the team better.<P>"I'm not worried about sending any signals to anybody on this team or fans or media," he said. "I'm just trying to make this team better. You'd make a mistake trying to do something to set an example. We're beyond that. We're trying to do what's best to help us win."

In other words Wednesday:

-- Quarterback A.J. Feeley refused to blame the offensive line for the problems against Cincinnati Sunday night: "The biggest concern for me is not even the offensive line," he said. "The offensive line will get better. The biggest concern for me is that all the skill positions be on the same page."

Feeley also said he wasn't concerned about cornerback Sam Madison's tirade toward him on the sideline Sunday night: "That's the way it goes. Emotions fly. People get excited about the game. I kind of let it go in one ear and out the other."

-- Safety Antuan Edwards had tremendous success blitzing against the Bengals last season, coming up with a sack and a deflection that led to Jason Taylor's interception, but he was doing the blitzing only because Patrick Surtain was out with a groin injury. Still, look for the Dolphins to do a lot of blitzing again Sunday against Steelers rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

-- New kick returner Wes Welker said Wednesday he had offers from Tampa Bay and the Dolphins before choosing to sign with Miami. Look for Welker to return both punts and kickoffs against Pittsburgh. Wannstedt said that if for some reason Welker isn't ready to help, Bryan Gilmore could be used on kickoff returns, and Will Poole and Antuan Edwards could be used to field punts.

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