A no-win situation?

This is getting pretty old as we sit here on another Monday wondering exactly just how the Dolphins can do to get themselves going, to finally win a game, to show at least a little bit of a hint that this season won't be a total washout. Those who thought at halftime of the season opener that the solution was as simple as A.J. Feeley replacing Jay Fiedler at quarterback now realize they were sadly mistaken. So what is the solution? Better yet, is there a solution?

That's a pretty sobering thought, really, this legitimate concern that no matter what the Dolphins try this season, they are doomed for failure because they simply don't have the personnel and the resources to have any success.

We're not going to keep repeating ourselves, although it must be repeated that the offense will struggle badly until the offensive line starts blocking people.

At this point, really, probably the best you can hope for the offensive line this season is that it reach the level of mediocre. But that's a long way away.

New guard Jeno James is a very nice man and he does have some ability, but his suggestion last week that in time this could become one of the best lines in the league was so absurd as to be almost funny.

At least give the guys points for thinking positively.

One last thing on the offensive line, so much for Damion McIntosh helped to solve the problems after he replaced Wade Smith in the starting lineup.

In case you didn't catch, McIntosh was flagged for three false starts against Pittsburgh and also was beaten cleanly on a sack that produced a Feeley fumble.

OK, so what about the quarterback situation?

Right now, it's looking like the Philadelphia Eagles stole a second-round pick from the Dolphins in March because Feeley looks atrocious.

Two things in his defense: He's still very inexperienced, and he's also playing behind a horrible offensive line.

But that doesn't change the fact Feeley shows very little pocket awareness and he continues to force throws. He was intercepted twice Sunday night and he should have a third interception returned for a touchdown against him this season, but he was spared when linebacker James Farrior dropped an easy ball with nothing but open field in front of him.

For short-term success, it's pretty obvious that Fiedler gives the Dolphins a better chance to win. Fiedler's scrambling ability means there will be times when he'll be able to make something when the protection breaks down, which is very often.

Feeley is a sitting duck back there.

Fiedler also has more experience and might not get rattled as easily.

So why not simply switch back to Fiedler?

Again, it depends on perspective. If the Dolphins legitimately think they have a chance to make the playoffs -- very few outside the team would think that way right now -- then Fiedler is the way to go.

He has severe limitations, but he's less error-prone than Feeley at this point (and that's a pretty scary statement).

Of course, the other viewpoint is that the Dolphins absolutely have to find out if Feeley can play because of the investment they made in him, both in the draft pick they sent the Eagles and in the new contract they gave Feeley.

And they won't find that out with Feeley on the bench.

Here's the deal, though. Wannstedt's job is on the line -- if it's not already lost -- and he can't afford to go from bad to worse every week.

That means he needs Fiedler in there, and that's why you shouldn't be surprised to see another change at quarterback.

But, of course, that doesn't mean that things will get better that fast or dramatically. This is a team with some severe offensive problems and it doesn't look like they're going away anytime soon.

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