Time to open up offense

It's difficult to argue the Dolphins' change at quarterback, with Jay Fiedler getting the start again Sunday against the Jets, but it won't make any difference unless there are other changes as well. And we're not talking about personnel moves.

Let's face it, under the best-case scenario, this Dolphins offense probably can't be anything more than just adequate. But it still has a ways to go to even be that.

So what do we suggest?

It's time for Coach Dave Wannstedt to give up on his idea of establishing the run no matter what because the Dolphins aren't going to have a dangerous running game with Leonard Henry running behind a struggling offensive line.

Henry showed some good things in his NFL debut Sunday night, but let's face it, there's a reason he didn't play a down in his first two seasons and there's a reason no other team picked him up after the Dolphins released him a month or so ago.

Besides, no running back could have great success behind this line until it improves considerably.

You can hope for some improvement this weekend, but there's a long, long way to go.

That means if the Dolphins stick to running the ball on first down on a regular basis, they're going to find themselves in a lot of second-and-long situations, and that just won't cut it.

It's time for the Dolphins to do some different things on first down.

We suggest faking a handoff and having Fiedler roll out to throw. We suggest throwing a few more screen passes. We suggest going deep four or five times during the game.

Passing the ball very often goes against what Wannstedt believes in, but look at it this way, they're throwing the ball often anyway because they've been behind in every game.

So instead of throwing because they're in a catch-up mode, how about throwing to get yourself in a position where you're not trying to catch up?

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