Time to face reality

General Manager Rick Spielman met with the South Florida media on Monday and sounded more like a man in charge of the personnel for a 4-0 team, rather than one that is 0-4. Just to give you an indication, he said he thought the quarterback play has been good enough so far this season.

What??? Are you kidding????

Rick, have you been hanging out with Ricky Williams lately, you know, partaking in Williams' favorite hobby.

Now, we're not expecting Spielman to rip into the team or the players because, in essence, he's responsible for some of the questionable decisions that have put the Dolphins in this spot in the first place.

For example, it was Spielman who pulled the trigger on the A.J. Feeley trade, which is looking worse by the day.

It also was Spielman, who decided to give up a fourth-round pick to Minnesota to move up one spot for the chance to select tackle Vernon Carey, who has been inactive the last two games.

The spin both Spielman and Coach Dave Wannstedt have put on Carey is that he's progressing fine but hasn't gotten the chance to play because starter John St. Clair has played so well and has been the most consistent offensive lineman.

Hmmm. Anybody seen the Dolphins offensive line lately?

As for Feeley, Spielman maintains that he's going to be a good quarterback but that he's just enduring some growing pains right now.

Here's another big problem with what Spielman said.

He said that after having their personnel meetings in January, the Dolphins decided they wanted a young quarterback but weren't going to be able to get any of the top three available in the draft — Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and P.J. Losman - and that's why they eventually went for Feeley and didn't wait for a potential veteran becoming available.

But it is a known fact that the Dolphins tried to acquire former Jacksonville starter Mark Brunell before he was traded to Washington.

Spielman also said the offensive line isn't playing nearly as poorly as some might think and that the unit continues to grow every week and "there are just little things here and there that are one step away."

Again, this sounds a little delusional because anyone can see the offensive line isn't playing anywhere close to mediocre.

This was the first time Spielman talked publicly in a while, and the media had been after him to comment on the Dolphins' poor start.

We can understand his reluctance to talk because there really isn't anything nice to say about this team.

That he chose to face the media was respectable, but he should give the media -- and the team's fans, as a result -- a little more credit than to believe everything is hunky-dory in Dolphin-land.

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