Ricky reaction

The story that Ricky Williams has requested a hearing with the NFL to find out when he could become eligible to play again obviously was a major topic of conversation on Wednesday. But it wasn't because Dolphins players really wanted to talk about it.

Rather, it was what the media wanted to find out.

And the prevalent question was whether the Dolphins would welcome Williams back after the way he walked out on the team a week before the start of training camp.

It was hard to gauge a general consensus because a lot of the players either didn't care to address the issue, saying instead they were only concerned about trying to get that elusive first win of the season.

Guard Taylor Whitley said he was debating between the thoughts of telling Williams to go to hell and welcoming him back because he could help the team win.

In a conference call with New England writers, Zach Thomas said he didn't think Williams would want to play for the Dolphins in the first place because he wouldn't to face all the questions that inevitably would be coming his way.

But Thomas said he wants Williams to come back, that way the Dolphins can trade him and get something in return.

But the typical answer came from wide receiver Chris Chambers, who said: "There is no reaction. It is nothing to talk about. That has nothing to do with us playing a game this week. It keeps resurfacing, but it's nothing that we are dealing with. That's a matter between Ricky and the NFL right now."

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