Any hope for offense?

At the risk of being too cute, the Dolphins' offense has been very offensive this season and the team's first victory of the season won't come until that changes. And, sadly, the Dolphins have a long way to go on offense just to be mediocre. So, what can be done?

How about punting on first down to avoid interceptions that are returned for touchdowns? OK, cheap shot.

But it's almost gotten to that point. It's funny, the Dolphins play conservatively on offense because they want to avoid mistakes, and that's all they've been doing this season.

So it's time for a new approach. And maybe that approach means taking a few more chances.

Forget this silly idea of trying to avoid turnover. Someone actually asked Jay Fiedler this on Wednesday!

Come on, it's not like you eliminate turnovers and all of a sudden the Dolphins offense becomes potent. These guys are averaging under 10 points per game for a reason.

So, OK, what can be done?

Well, we've said it before and we'll say it again. Stop being so predictable in the play-calling. Be daring. Try a flea-flicker once in a while. How about a halfback pass?

Do you realize the Dolphins have not had anyone other than a quarterback attempt a pass since 2000? What does it hurt to try it.

But it goes beyond trick plays. We'll give a perfect example of what we're talking about: New England game, first quarter, Patrick Surtain intercepts Tom Brady in a scoreless game and the Dolphins have the ball at the New England 43.

First down, straight handoff to Leonard Henry. Second down, pitch outside to Henry. Third down, incomplete pass. Punt. That's what we're talking about.

On first down, you take a shot down the field. Maybe you try that halfback pass on second down. Something.

Dave Wannstedt's philosophy of pounding the ball and winning with defense only works if you have a great running game. The Dolphins did two years ago. They didn't last year. And they sure as hell don't this year.

The Dolphins can't line up and beat opponents on talent alone. They've got to do it by trickery.

Really, it's there only hope. Otherwise, there's no reason to think will get much better anytime soon.

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