Words to remember

There isn't a whole exciting happening with the Dolphins on the field these days, but that doesn't mean things have been boring. On the contrary, rarely a day goes by when someone doesn't say something that will raise eyebrows. And that certainly was the case this week.

We start with the comments made Monday by defensive end David Bowens, who said he was shooting for a 10-6 season.

Considering the team had just fallen to 0-6, it obviously made everyone take notice. Bowens went on to explain that it's just his way of thinking and that he was going to think playoffs until the Dolphins mathematically get eliminated.

Of course, it might not take much longer for that to happen.

As for Bowens' 10-6 comment, you can fault the guy for being unrealistic, especially when you consider most players on the team are talking these days of just winning ONE game.

But you can also applaud Bowens for not taking a defeatist attitude.

Let's face it, the Dolphins are not going to go 10-6, but there's nothing wrong with shooting high, either.

OK, the next interesting comment came from Jason Taylor, who took issue with the stat crew at Buffalo not crediting him with a single tackle last Sunday.

Taylor said the stat crew in the press box usually is busy spilling ketchup on themselves and then trying to wipe it off to really see what's going on.

That was some funny stuff.

Taylor, who had said after the game he didn't do anything to help the team win, contended he did have tackles against the Bills.

Guess what? After Dolphins coaches reviewed the game films, they also determined Taylor had no tackles against the Bills.

Last but not least were the comments from owner H. Wayne Huizenga, who addressed the state of the team for the first time during the regular season.

While he expressed his disappointment over the team's 0-6 start, Huizenga said he didn't anticipate making any changes in the organization until after the season.

Huizenga also said he liked both Coach Dave Wannstedt and GM Rick Spielman, and his overall comments left open the possibility he would consider bringing both of them back.

Needless to say, if that were to happen, Dolphins fans would go nuts. It's very obvious to anyone who lives in Miami that Dolphins fans want Wannstedt gone, and Spielman's popularity among the fans isn't that much better.

It's impossible to really know what Huizenga is thinking about the long-term future of this franchise. He said he had "lots of people" working on a plan but that the plan hadn't been finalized yet.

Given the fact the Dolphins are headed for their first losing season since 1988 and their third consecutive seasons out of the playoffs, one would think a coaching change would be in order.

It's still probably going to happen, but ruling out anything out at this point would be a mistake, especially considering Huizenga's comments.

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