The great debate

Should he? Shouldn't he? Now? Later? The biggest question after the Dolphins' 24-23 loss to Arizona on Sunday wasn't really why the team could lose to such a mediocre team, but rather what would happen with the head coach. It made for a lot of interesting conversation, but on Monday it appeared that all the speculation was for naught because Dave Wannstedt is still in charge. So, what is the right move?

First, let's start by saying that most everybody agrees that Wannstedt should and will be replaced after the season, but there was more than one writer/columnist/TV personality who felt a change should be made now because have a bye.

Others felt Wannstedt should be kept through the end of the season.

The two schools of thought were this:

Do it now because the Dolphins have to make a change because they need to give the fans a reason to believe and because things can't get any worse.

Or keep Wannstedt because nothing will be gained by making a change in the middle of the season and he deserves to finish out the season.

It's obviously not an easy situation for everybody involved.

This is foreign territory for everybody who has watched the Dolphins through the years, and Wannstedt obviously deserves his share of the blame.

Yes, the Dolphins have had a lot of bad luck, but good teams can overcome those things.

Don't believe us? Didn't the Patriots just go into St. Louis on Sunday without their two starting cornerbacks, Ty Law and Tyrone Poole, and win? Oh, and nickel corner Asante Samuel was injured in the first quarter, on top of that.

Enough of that, though, it's obvious to everyone the Dolphins need a change. And our problem isn't just because of the play-calling, which we have disliked for a long time.

There's also the lack of a killer instinct, and that's also nothing new. Even Sunday Randy McMichael was bemoaning the fact the Dolphins didn't go after the Cardinals more after they had built a 12-3 lead.

The Dolphins have never done that under Wannstedt, whose philosophy has always been to get a lead and then hope the defense can make it stand.

The Dolphins need a coach who gets a lead and then keeps going after the opponent to make it a bigger lead.

The flaw in Wannstedt's philosophy is that his high-priced defense too often has failed to deliver in the clutch.

So, back to the original question: Should Wannstedt have been fired now or should he be allowed to finish out the season?

Based on everything we've seen, things can only get better with someone new in charge and with a new, more aggressive attitude and the Dolphins owe it to themselves to see what they can do with a new approach.

Everyone will agree Dave Wannstedt is a good man and you have to feel bad for all the bad luck his team has had this year, but this is a bottom-line business and it is obvious by now the Dolphins are headed in the wrong direction.

Now, GM Rick Spielman is another issue. The Dolphins also will need to make a decision on him after the season and his track record so far isn't very good, particularly with the way A.J. Feeley has struggled and the way first-round pick Vernon Carey hasn't been able to get on the field.

But changing GMs in the middle of the season is totally insignificant. Changing coaches can make a difference, even though it won't be enough to make the season meaningful.

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