Rookie wide receiver Chris Chambers is nursing a sore ankle, but the Dolphins are confident he'll be able to play in Sunday's wild-card playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.<P>To make sure Chambers is ready, the Dolphins are going to stay on top of the injury. Almost literally.<P>

When Chambers left the Dolphins' practice facility, he was accompanied by an intern from the team's training staff. The plan was for the intern to stay with Chambers the whole week.

"I think he'll be fine," Coach Dave Wannstedt said of the rookie, who was injured at the end of a 36-yard reception during Sunday's 34-7 victory over Buffalo. "We're going to be giving him treatments 24 hours a day. We have somebody moving into Chris' house tonight.

"I think that we do what we've got to do. I think that states the importance of what we're trying to get done here. We try to get as many guys back as we possibly can."

This isn't the first time Wannstedt or head trainer Kevin O'Neill have been involved in something like this, with one small difference.

"I remember around-the-clock treatment for Emmitt Smith once," said Wannstedt, referring to his days as a Dallas assistant when O'Neill was the head trainer there. "I think Kevin did that one himself. For a rookie, we send over an intern."

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