Small victory

The Dolphins and 49ers treated the fans at Monster Park and those watching on television to a dismal display of football on Sunday afternoon, but at least the Dolphins found out they're not the worst team in the league.

That distinction clearly belongs to the 49ers, who have a totally mediocre quarterback in Tim Rattay, no running game to speak of, no big-play receiver and a defense that is short on talent.

That the Dolphins only beat them by seven points doesn't say much for them.

But we already knew the Dolphins were a struggling team.

Yes, they were very impressive on defense against the 49ers, racking up eight sacks and three fumble recoveries.

But again, that has to be tempered by the opposition.

On the other side of the ball, the Dolphins again struggled, finishing with only 200 total yards. And, folks, this is not a great San Francisco defense.

The Tampa Bay Bucs scored 35 last week against the 49ers and moved the ball at will.

The Dolphins running game again was nonexistent against San Francisco and the offense turned the ball over twice.

The only exception was that this time the Dolphins got the other team to give them some breaks as well, most notably in the form of Rattay showing no pocket presence and fumbling three times in the fourth quarter alone.

But to think this is the start of something big would be wrong. The Dolphins still are a struggling team and will have a hard time winning more games this season.

The Dolphins, in fact, still will have a very high first-round pick. It just probably won't be the first overall pick, because that will go to San Francisco.

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