Trying to get a fair Feeley evaluation

So, what have we learned about A.J. Feeley as a potential quarterback of the future in the two games since he once again took over for Jay Fiedler? Well, the guy is tough, can pick himself off the ground after being nailed by a blitzing linebacker, and will play with pain. But as far as getting a clearer sense of his long-term potential, that remains cloudy. And, unfortunately for the Dolphins, it might stay that way the rest of the 2004 season.

That's not a good scenario for the Dolphins, who need to find out whether Feeley will be the starting quarterback in 2005 or whether they need to get themselves another quarterback in free agency or the draft.

But how can anybody accurately gauge Feeley's potential when he has no running game to take some heat off him, when opposing teams are blitzing on just about every down, when Feeley never has much time to make passes?

The Dolphins offensive line won't always be this bad (we hope), but right now it's struggling big time. And it's not fair for Feeley, who has shown the ability to throw a nice pass on those rare occasions when he has time to throw.

The feeling here is still that Feeley won't be the long-term answer, that his decision-making is questionable, that he has a bad habit of staring down receivers, but the Dolphins have to give him a look nonetheless, especially considering the price they paid to get him.

But that look isn't a clear one behind an offensive line that would make it difficult for any quarterbacks, even guys like Peyton Manning or Daunte Culpepper, to succeed.

So the Dolphins more than likely will finish the season without a clear gauge on Feeley, which will only add to their concerns of the offseason.

Yes, it has been that kind of season.

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