Here's a sampling of what Dolphins players had to say after the playoff loss to Baltimore.


"Well, we would have gotten beat in the second round playing like we are playing now. I knew we weren't fooling anybody at the end of the year. We weren't playing great football. They had a better defense out there than us."

"I'm just frustrated. Not being healthy, I wasn't tackling like a man out there. I was riding them down. It's frustrating when you are 225 (pounds) and you can't hit with your neck, that's frustrating. I let a lot of guys down because I could have made a lot of plays today. That's the only thing that's frustrating."


"I think the biggest problem was that we just came up short. We just missed getting some first downs by inches, we just missed making a couple of big plays. We had some chances. We didn't come down with the ball. We battled for field position throughout the game; that made it tough."

"We had enough talent out there today to go out and win this ballgame. We fought hard, everyone was prepared and we just didn't have that extra punch that we needed to overcome this team."


"We haven't been plaing our best ball all year, but still good enough to be 11-5 and the fifth year in a row that we've been to the playoffs. You have to get something positive out of this."


"It was just one of those days. They came in and outplayed us. We didn't make plays. They made plays when they had to." On the 45-yard pass from Elvis Grbac to Travis Taylor on a third-and-1 on which Surtain was beat: "We were in a blitz. I had good position on him down the field. I kind of relaxed thinking that he was going to run an out route. I was going to sit on it and make a play. He ran the go route and Elvis made a terrific throw. It was demoralizing. If we would have made them punt, then we would have had good field position. Our offense would have had the chance to do something. That play kind of switched the momentum."


"I feel like we had the personnel to go out there and play a tight game and keep it within reach and pull it out in the fourth quarter. But obviously with penalties and turnovers and no running game, it didn't give us much of a chance."


"We really felt we had a shot against these guys. Up until halftime we felt that if we made a couple of plays in the second half, things could have been better. But as it turned out, we made a lot of the same mistakes we've made previously to lose games -- turnovers, penalties, a play here, a play there -- and against a good team, you can't do that."


On the fourth-quarter interception on the pass that bounced off his helmet and into the hands of Ravens cornerback Duane Starks: "I think I lost my footing at the end,l but I dropped the ball. I don't make any excuses. I didn't make the play and give us an opportunity to score."

On playing without wide receiver Chris Chambers: "If we have Chris Chambers in there, those guys on the other side, they have to play some different coverages. They know that he's a threat down the field, so that just gives us a better opportunity to take advantage of the defense. I think they knew that they didn't have Chris in there, so it was just one of those things. They outplayed us today."

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