A Sage decision

There hasn't been a week go by this season when someone hasn't asked the Dolphins head coach, first Dave Wannstedt and now Jim Bates, whether it was time to give Sage Rosenfels a shot at quarterback. And after A.J. Feeley threw five interceptions in Sunday's loss to Buffalo, you knew the question would be asked yet again. And the answer has always been the same.

It's really been like a crusade by some media members to champion the cause of Rosenfels, the Dolphins' likely backup who moved up from No. 3 to No. 2 on the depth chart after Jay Fiedler went on injured reserve.

Fans tired of seeing Fiedler and Feeley struggle at quarterback this season also have been vocal in wanting to see Rosenfels get a shot.

There is some merit to the idea because Rosenfels can't do any worse than Fiedler or Feeley have done this season. As proof, we'll point out that among the 33 quarterbacks with enough passes to qualify for the QB ratings chart Fiedler is 31st and Feeley is 33rd.

Rosenfels has never gotten significant snaps in the regular season, but has had his moments in the preseason.

But here's the deal. The Dolphins don't have a lot invested in Sage Rosenfels. They have a lot invested in A.J. Feeley.

If Feeley doesn't pan out, it's a major blow to the Dolphins, who gave up a second-round pick to land his services and then signed him to an $18 million deal.

With that price, it will be a bigger disaster for the Dolphins if Feeley doesn't pan out than if Rosenfels goes somewhere else as a free agent next offseason and becomes a star.

And that's assuming there's a chance that could happen. Think about it, Rosenfels might have some nice qualities as a quarterback, but he wouldn't have been a third-string quarterback all this time if he was that special.

Feeley might or might not be the guy (and at this point, it's looking like not), but the Dolphins have no choice but to fully evaluate him the rest of this season so they can decide whether they need to bring him a starter in the offseason.

So no matter how much people want to see Rosenfels out there, the Dolphins' best move continues to be to play A.J. Feeley.

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