A story linking Troy Aikman and the Dolphins is making big news in Miami, but Coach Dave Wannstedt was focusing on his current quarterback when he addressed the media on Monday.<P>Jay Fiedler also talked about his situation following the Dolphins' playoff loss to Baltimore.<P>

Both coach and player agree on one thing: If things work out the way they want, Fiedler will be back with the Dolphins next season.

But let's first address the Aikman story, which suggested that Aikman was ready to return to the NFL next season, and do so with the Dolphins.

Naturally, Wannstedt was asked about the story.

"That was the first I heard when someone told me about it this morning," he said. "We're going to try to get Jay Fiedler signed back here, and I know nothing about the Troy Aikman rumors."

Wannstedt was asked if he was planning on bringing in any quarterback to challenge Fiedler, to which he replied: "Right now we are just focusing in on our players. We don't have as many free agents up this year as we did a year ago, but the focus will be on our players and then we will go from there."

When asked specifically if he would consider signing Aikman, Wannstedt said he wouldn't comment, adding that Aikman "is doing TV and he is retired as far as I know."

For his part, Fiedler is signed through next season, but his contract contained a clause allowing him to void the last year and become a free agent if he met certain criteria, which he has done.

With Fiedler being among the lowest-paid starting quarterbacks in the league, he already has stated he would void the last year of the contract.

But the Dolphins will have the right to match any offer he gets -- and that would be just fine with Fiedler, judging by his postgame comments.

"I would love to stay here," Fiedler said. "I'll let things play out. We're at a point right now where it's up in the air. I don't want to go any further than that. My first choice would be to be back here with the Dolphins."

Likewise, Wannstedt would like to have Fiedler back. And he characterized as "good" the chances of Fiedler being in a Dolphins uniform next fall.

"I think that Jay made progress as the year went on. The second half of the season he obviously got a lot better. I think if you run the ball it is going to take some pressure off of the quarterback. We struggled with that all year. I think that he had as much pressure on him as you could put on a quarterback in a lot of games to bring the team from behind. I thought he did a lot of outstanding things during the course of the year."

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