Marino avoids question of return

Dan Marino was on a national conference call Wednesday to discuss Peyton Manning's chase of his record of 48 touchdown passes in a season, but he was asked about a published report suggesting owner Wayne Huizenga once again had offered him a job with the organization. Marino, who earlier in the conference call had said that "maybe someday" he would be interested in coming back to Miami, made it clear he had no desire to discuss specifics.

"Why don't you get the NFL source who put that out there to answer that question," Marino shot back to the question.

And that was the last of the subject on the Marino conference call.

The report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel suggested Huizenga was again trying to convince Marino to join the Dolphins front office and suggested Marino visited the Dolphins training facility last week.

Of course, everyone remembers that Marino agreed to join the Dolphins last January, only to resign a couple of weeks later after deciding the time investment was too much.

But Marino sounded Wednesday like a guy who might be coming back.

When asked about the differences between being an analyst and being involved with a team, Marino replied: "I love my jobs. It's great, I'm dealing with a lot of good people. But ask anyone working as an analyst, you don't replace the feeling of playing of being part of a team."

Defensive end Jason Taylor said he would welcome Marino joining the team, but would advise him against taking the job.

"If I was Dan, I'd turn and run as fast I can," Taylor said. "Why put yourself out there for the scrutiny? That would be my advice to him."

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