Big night for Bates

Interim head coach Jim Bates is scheduled to interview for the Dolphins' permanent coaching job on Tuesday, but nothing he could say will speak louder than what the Dolphins did on Monday night.

In rallying from an 11-point fourth-quarter deficit to beat the New England Patriots, the Dolphins showed they indeed could beat a good team this season, with Bates as their leader.

Now, we're not suggesting for a second that Bates will get the job because of this big victory, but we're saying that maybe owner Wayne Huizenga will give Bates a longer look if things fall apart with front-runner candidate Nick Saban.

And we're saying they definitely should.

Let's face it, it's the Dolphins' offensive coaching staff that needs restructuring more than anything else.

The Dolphins need to hire a more experienced offensive coordinator, someone like, say, Marc Trestman.

It could be argue the team has come for a new offensive line coach as well. But the defense has been solid for years and starting falling apart his year only after injuries decimated it.

Bates has a great reputation as a defensive coordinator and it's obvious the Dolphins have played with a lot of fire and emotion under him, even if the results haven't always been there.

That says something given the way the season has gone and the fact it would have been easy for the players to start packing it in.

Bates probably won't get the Dolphins because it looks like Saban is a lock. But, again, if Saban isn't the one, then maybe it's time to think long and hard about giving Bates a shot on a full-time basis.

No, he's not a marquee name, but it sure was a marquee performance against the Patriots.

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