Playing the waiting game

The Dolphins really, really want Nick Saban to be their next head coach, which is why team owner Wayne Huizenga and team president Eddie Jones flew to Baton Rouge, La., Thursday to see if they could close the deal. But Huizenga and Jones flew back to South Florida without Saban, who told them he needed more time. Nothing has come easy for the Dolphins this season, so why should this be any different?

In fact, the Dolphins aren't looking very good in all of this, regardless of Saban's reasons for delaying his decision.

The Dolphins have operated on his timetable all along, which kept them from being able to interview NFL assistants who are off limits until Jan. 3.

Saban had said he wanted to have a decision made before Christmas, but that now has changed, and he said Thursday he needed an additional 24 to 48 hours.

Who's to say he won't ask for another extension?

There have been plenty of stories bouncing around, and one of them had Saban telling the Dolphins he would make his decision after LSU's bowl game against Iowa Jan. 1.

Another had Saban's agent, Jimmy Sexton, asking the Dolphins for more money than the $4.5 million a year they reportedly have offered.

That story was denied by Jones, but given the Dolphins' obvious infatuation with Saban, who could blame him if he did?

There also was a story about Saban being offered a raise to stay at LSU, a story denied by LSU athletic director Skip Bertman.

A lot of the stories obviously are speculation, and the only thing we knew on Christmas morning was that the Dolphins still hadn't gotten a decision from Saban.

And as good a coach as Saban is (or supposedly is), we can't help but have one thought about the whole situation: Does there come a time when the Dolphins just tell Saban, "You know what, forget about the whole thing, we'll go with somebody else."

Because, frankly, is there any coach who should keep an organization waiting like that.

The Dolphins already looked bad when Dan Marino agreed to join the front office and resigned only weeks later.

And this Saban thing is making them look bad once again. So we say this to Saban: Make up your mind already.

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