Tuesday notes

The Dolphins' season came to an end with Sunday's loss at Baltimore, but there will be plenty more news with the team in the upcoming days and weeks, starting with the official introduction of Nick Saban as the new head coach at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

The most pressing order of business will be for Saban to finalize his coaching staff and for the Dolphins to hire a team president to take over for the retiring Eddie Jones.

There have been rumors circulating that Jones, an LSU alum, might be convinced by Saban to stay on for another year.

On Monday, team owner Wayne Huizenga met with the players and coaches, something the hands-off owner doesn't usually at the close of a season.

But Huizenga explained that he wanted to tell the players personally that he was proud of the effort they continued to put forth despite all the adversity the Dolphins faced in 2004. Huizenga also wanted to explain, in person, his reasons for hiring Saban instead of interim head coach Jim Bates, who clearly appeared to be the players' choice.

In other news:

-- By virtue of Cleveland's upset victory at Houston, the Dolphins now will have the second overall pick in the 2005 draft. Yes, the Dolphins did beat Cleveland, but draft order is determined by opponents' combined winning percentage, and not head-to-head competition.

The Dolphins also would have had the third pick in the second round, the 35th overall, but of course that went to Philadelphia in the trade for A.J. Feeley.

-- Defensive end Jason Taylor will be getting more exams done on his injured right shoulder to determine the extent of the injury and whether Taylor will have to bow out of the Pro Bowl, scheduled for Feb. 13. Taylor is suspecting a dislocated shoulder, in which case don't look for him in Hawaii.

-- The Dolphins ended the season ranked 31st in the NFL in rushing defense and 29th in total offense. Those two figures represent the worst showing franchise history.

-- Assistant coaches Bernie Parmalee (tight ends) and Bill Lewis (defensive nickel package) have accepted jobs to join Charlie Weis' new coaching staff at Notre Dame. Lewis is expected to be assistant head coach, while Parmalee will be special teams coach.

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