QB competition coming

The signing of Gus Frerotte could wind up shaping the Dolphins' offense in 2005. The biggest reason Frerotte is coming to Miami is to get a chance to battle for a starting job, something he didn't have the last two years playing behind Daunte Culpepper. And you better believe he'll get that chance.

With apologies to a lot of South Florida media members who were quick to say that Nick Saban had anointed A.J. Feeley as the starter next fall, the Dolphins coach said no such thing.

What he said was that Feeley needed to be given the opportunity to show what he can do. That's not the same thing.

Feeley will get the opportunity to show what he can do, and he probably will open camp as the No. 1 guy at quarterback.

But Frerotte had a lot of things going for him, most notably his familiarity with new offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, and Linehan's comfort level with him after two years together in Minnesota.

Face it, if Linehan didn't like Frerotte's game, the Dolphins wouldn't be signing him.

Feeley showed some promise at times last season, but he also showed he's far from a finished product, and that doesn't bode well for him.

In fact, if we're asked to predict right now who'll start at quarterback for the Dolphins on opening day, Frerotte gets the nod here.

Yes, Feeley can win the job. But it won't be as simple as just making progress in camp.

Feeley will have to beat out Frerotte because regardless of what the first depth chart might say, Frerotte just might be the guy to beat here.

Is that a good thing? Well, Frerotte's not exactly Peyton Manning or Culpepper, but he's an upgrade over Jay Fiedler and at this stage probably is a more qualified quarterback than Feeley.

The Dolphins obviously would love nothing better than to see Feeley set the world on fire during and the preseason, but that might wishful thinking.

Remember, there was a reason he was the third-stringer in Philadelphia before the Dolphins traded for him.

The Dolphins saw a lot of potential in him, but with that potential comes some severe growing pains.

And Nick Saban and Linehan might not be willing to endure those when they've got another alternative.

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