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Nick Saban is on the road these days checking some of the top prospects in this year's draft, namely Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers and Braylon Edwards. That's Saban doing his due diligence and getting all the information possible with the Dolphins holding the second overall pick, but don't read too much into it when Saban compliments a player's workout.

The truth is, it would be a major surprise if the Dolphins wound up drafting any of the three aforementioned players, particularly Rodgers and Smith.

That's not to say the Dolphins couldn't use a franchise quarterback, but the book is that neither Rodgers nor Smith — no matter how good they look in private workouts — is that kind of prospect.

As for Edwards, he just might be the best overall prospect available, but he also plays at a position where the Dolphins actually are pretty set, with starters Chris Chambers and Marty Booker already on the roster.

Besides, the Dolphins have a glaring need for a stud running back and they should have their pick of the three blue-chip prospects — Ronnie Brown, Carnell Williams and Cedric Benson — at No. 2.

That, of course, is assuming the Dolphins hang on to the pick.

Make no mistake, Saban's first preference — and this is just us saying this, not his words — probably is to trade the pick to accumulate more draft choices.

The big question, of course, is whether the Dolphins can find a trading partner willing to give up two high picks for the second overall selection.

Maybe a team in need of a wide receiver would fit the bill. Perhaps the Chargers, who have the 12th and 28th picks in the first round and really could use Edwards, would be interested.

So, imagine a trade involving the Dolphins' first-round and something like a mid-round pick for San Diego's two first-rounders.

Or maybe Minnesota gets worried it will lose out on both Edwards and USC's Mike Williams and offers the No. 7 and 18 picks in the first round for the No. 2 pick and something like a third-rounder.

Mind you, these are not rumors we have heard or proposed deals we got from "league sources," it's just us providing some food for thought.

Regardless of where they pick, the Dolphins still probably will make running back their first priority and they should get a good one regardless of where they pick in the first round or maybe even in the second round if they wind up trading out of the first round altogether.

At No. 2, it certainly appears the choice right now would be Ronnie Brown, the Auburn back who put on a show at the scouting combine.

Rodgers, Smith and Edwards? They can wow Saban all day, but they're still not coming to Miami.

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