Dolphins draft preview: DL

With the 2005 NFL draft fast approaching, we take a look at the Dolphins' situation at each position along with a prediction as to what the team might do during the draft. This story looks at the defensive line.

There's probably not a position on the roster where the Dolphins have made bigger moves this offseason than along the defensive line, more specifically defensive end.

The signings of former first-round picks Kevin Carter from Tennessee and Vonnie Holliday from Kansas City solidified a group that features a lot of big names.

Carter and Holliday join a group that includes Jason Taylor, Tim Bowens, Larry Chester and Jeff Zgonina, just to name a few.

The big question at this point is exactly how everybody will be used.

There has been a lot of talk about Nick Saban wanting to use a 3-4 defense with the Dolphins, but no one is sure exactly how much 3-4 the Dolphins will be playing.

Under a 3-4 scenario, Carter and Holliday have the kind of size to play at end, while Taylor and fellow 2004 starter David Bowens simply aren't big enough to line up inside the offensive tackles.

What the Dolphins don't have is a prototypical 3-4 nose tackle, and that's something they could go looking for in the draft at some point.

Under the 4-3 scheme, the Dolphins are well stocked at end and tackles as well because in addition to Tim Bowens and Larry Chester, both Carter and Holliday could play that spot in that defense.

There had been talk in the offseason of Zgonina getting traded for a draft pick, but he was still with the team a few days before D-day.

The Dolphins have a lot of experience along the defensive line, but they also have some age, which is why one and maybe two draft picks at that position this year wouldn't be a shock.

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