Rumors, rumors, rumors

With less than 48 hours before the start of the NFL draft, this is always a time where there's a lot of speculation. But there's a whole lot more than usual around Dolphins camp because for a change they hold a premium pick.

The big topic of interest of course is the Dolphins' ability to trade down from the No. 2 overall spot to acquire additional picks.

There is one report suggesting the Minnesota Vikings would be willing to give the Dolphins their two first-round picks, the seventh and 18th overall, along with a mid-round pick for the chance to move up five spots so they could select Michigan WR Braylon Edwards.

It is a deal the Dolphins should jump at, if indeed they get the chance to make that trade.

Another potential trading partner could be the Washington Redskins, who now have the ninth and 25th overall selections.

Tampa Bay was said to be interested in moving up as well, and a deal with the Bucs would move the Dolphins back only three spots and they still would wind up with one of the three blue-chip running backs in the draft -- Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson or Carnell Williams.

There's also the much-discussed issue of cornerback Patrick Surtain, whose contract situation has put him on the trade market. Kansas City very much would like to make a deal for Surtain, but the Chiefs have yet to meet the Dolphins' asking price of a second-round pick.

And don't think the Dolphins are going to move off that price, especially after Oakland got a second AND a third from Houston for cornerback Philip Buchanon, who isn't in the same class as Surtain yet.

There had been talk early in the offseason that both St. Louis and Kansas City were interested in trading for Dolphins defensive tackle Jeff Zgonina, but nothing has materialized as of yet.

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