What's going to happen?

The weeks and weeks of speculation are finally about to end with the start of the NFL draft on Saturday at noon. There have been many different suggestions and rumors as to what the Dolphins will do with the second overall pick, and we'll soon find out. Will it be Ronnie Brown, Braylon Edwards and trade down for more picks? Here's our best guess as to what's going to happen.

Obviously, the Dolphins' move will depend upon what San Francisco does with pick No. 1. New 49ers coach Mike Nolan has been tight-lipped about his move, but like Coach Nick Saban he will entertain trade offers for the pick.

In the end, though, we're thinking Nolan will make Utah QB Alex Smith his first pick with the 49ers.

That brings up the Dolphins.

Let us begin by saying we don't say Alex Smith being the choice even if he's available at No. 2.

Our thinking is the Dolphins wouldn't give up on A.J. Feeley at this time unless there was a seemingly can't-miss QB prospect available, and neither Smith nor Cal's Aaron Rodgers looks like that kind of guy.

One thing we're pretty sure about on the Dolphins' pick is it won't be made quickly. That's because the Dolphins are going to wait until the last second to get the best possible offer.

It looks like Minnesota no longer has a major interest in moving up from No. 7 to No. 2 by giving up the 18th pick in the first round.

So the two trade partners we're looking at No. 2 are Washington and Tampa Bay, both of whom would move up to pick Braylon Edwards.

The Bucs have the No. 5 overall pick and might be asked for a second-round choice to move up three spots, while Washington might be asked for the 25th overall pick to move up from No. 9.

If the Dolphins stay put, we're going to go against the popular choice and go with Braylon Edwards. The reason is simple: He's a much more proven commodity than Ronnie Brown, who for all of his potential split time at Auburn with Carnell Williams.

Brown has never done it as the workhorse back and spending the No. 2 overall pick on that kind of guy is rather scary.

In fact, we'll go as far as to say that the Dolphins probably would take Cedric Benson over either Brown or Carnell Williams at No. 2 if they go with a running back. The reason again is Benson's production at Texas.

The argument against picking Edwards is that the Dolphins already have two solid wide receivers in Chris Chambers and Marty Booker and many pressing needs everywhere else, but the truth is that Chambers and Booker are both good -- maybe even very good -- wide receiver, but neither is a difference-maker.

Some analysts see Edwards as that kind of guy.

The truth is, actually, that picking Edwards at No. 2 would be Saban's fall-back option because the preferrable move is a trade.

Because of that, you can count on good old Daniel Snyder to help out and give up Washington's two No. 1s.

At No. 9, the Dolphins then would figure to have their choice among Mike Williams or Troy Williamson at wide receiver or perhaps Derrick Johnson at linebacker, or perhaps Alex Barron at offensive tackle.

It's also not impossible that one of the three top running backs could still be available, most likely Carnell Williams.

All that having been said, our final prediction is a trade down to No. 9 and the selection of Derrick Johnson.

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