Breaking down the Brown pick

The Dolphins solved a major need by selecting Auburn running back Ronnie Brown with the second overall selection in the 2005 draft, but the question now is whether Brown deserved to go that high in the draft after splitting time in college with Carnell Williams.

Brown was a versatile back in college, and it was that versatility that Nick Saban mentioned as being perhaps the biggest reason he was the Dolphins' pick.

But, again, Brown never was the feature back in college and he lost his starting job to Williams, a highly touted recruit who wound up being the No. 5 overall pick on Saturday, in 2002.

That said, a lot of scouts think Brown will become a better NFL player than Williams. But that remains to be seen, and that will determine the success of this pick for Saban.

And, make no mistake, it's a huge pick for Saban.

That's why you just wish there was somebody who looked like more of a slam dunk than Brown. We're thinking Brown will become a good NFL player, but a great player? We're not convinced.

That's why, from this vantage point, the best move would have been to trade down a few spots to pick an additional pick (or picks).

At No. 2, Brown was a fine choice, although Cedric Benson looked like a safer bet to become a good NFL player.

Braylon Edwards is seen by many as the most talented player in the draft, but we're going to tell you right now USC's Mike Williams will become a better NFL wide receiver -- and that's not just because Mel Kiper Jr. is saying the same thing.

Saban mentioned that the selection of Brown didn't necessarily mean that Ricky Williams' return to the Dolphins would be ruled out because he pointed to Auburn going undefeated in 2004 with two stud running backs.

But you don't pick a guy No. 2 overall if he's not going to be a full-time player.

Does that mean that Brown would line up at fullback if Wiliams indeed does return, which is not an impossibility at this point?

Who knows? All we know is that Brown better pan out for the Dolphins.

And while a lot of scouts think he'll become a great NFL running back and Saban certainly sounds convinced, we just wish he was more of a slam dunk.

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