Seau psyched about another season

Junior Seau freely admit he thinks about retiring every single day. And it became even more tempting after he started golfing a little bit in San Diego during the offseason. But as the Dolphins wrapped up a three-day session of organized team activity on Wednesday, he was more than happy to still be in the NFL.

Seau has renewed enthusiasm after his 2004 season was cut short by a chest injury sustained in the Monday night loss to the New York Jets on Nov. 1. There was a time last fall when Seau wasn't so sure he would return, but a couple of factors made him decide to come back.

One of them was a phone call in February from Dolphins head coach Nick Saban, who told Seau he wanted him to be part of the team.

"It was warming to hear and I respected that call," Seau said. "I had enough to say to him that I could say, 'Yeah, I do want to play again.'

"I know we're going through an adjustment here and after the record we had last year, there had to be some big changes. So going into my 16th year, you're part of that change. But anytime you have the captain of the ship call you up and say we want you to be part of the change, it gives you another thought to think about."

Seau was considered a strong candidate to be released in the offseason because of his age and his hefty contract, and it's believed he had to agree to restructure his deal.

There also was talk in the offseason of other teams, such as Kansas City, being interested in the veteran linebacker, something Seau confirmed on Wednesday.

But for Seau, it was the Dolphins or retirement.

"I didn't want to go to another place and start over in the locker room," Seau said. "They know me here as a player, as a person; for me to go somewhere else, I didn't want to do that Jerry Rice kick where I'm floating. This is going to be my last stop."

Like everybody else on the Dolphins, this is a time of learning. There is so much to digest, in fact, that Seau might alter his plans to spend a lot of time in the offseason in San Diego with his kids.

But the bottom line for Seau is that he's healthy again and excited about the chance to end his career on a positive note.

"I feel great," Seau said. "I had a long vacation. It's been like six months since I've been out on the field and had some structure of football being played. It was good getting back with the guys, getting back in the locker room and get them to embrace our situation. It's a good thing. We're all excited."

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