Deja vu all over again

Nick Saban continues to show he's not afraid to take chances to try to make the Dolphins deeper and better, and the latest example was the re-signing of controversial wide receiver David Boston. The question now is whether this was a right move. It's the same question we were asking about this time last year.

We liked the move last year because giving up a sixth-round pick and disappointing cornerback Jamar Fletcher for a former Pro Bowl wideout was an awfully small price to pay.

The one problem we had last year was that the Dolphins didn't protect themselves at the position, particularly given Boston's injury history.

Yes, it was a fluke that Boston tore his patellar tendon in workouts with Houston, but Boston's history mandated the Dolphins build up some depth.

After Boston went down, the Dolphins basically had to go shopping for another wide receiver, and that led to the trade of holdout defensive end Adewale Ogunleye to Chicago for Bears wide receiver Marty Booker.

With Booker now on board, the Dolphins aren't depending on Boston to become a stud from the get-go.

Whatever he can bring to the Dolphins offense will be a bonus, but if he doesn't pan out or gets injured again, the Dolphins have two solid starters in Chris Chambers and Booker.

It would be nice to see the Dolphins add another wideout before the start of training camp, but regardless the Dolphins are in better shape at the position than they were last year.

Like last year, it's a low-risk, high-reward move, one the Dolphins were wise to make.

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