The only choice

The Dolphins didn't have many stellar individual performances during last year's disastrous 4-12 season, and that made it difficult to come up with a selection as a team Most Valuable Player. Really, how valuable can you be when the team loses three-fourths of its games? One suggestion was made by a member of the South Florida media that the Dolphins simply should have not handed out an MVP award for last season. But a choice indeed was made, and it was the right choice.

Jason Taylor was the recipient of the award, and even though his sack total was down, he still played very well -- well enough to be selected to the Pro Bowl.

There really was no other choice.

Linebacker Zach Thomas was having a very good season until he was derailed by a hamstring injury. Randy McMichael had a big first half of the season, but didn't do nearly as much in the second half and had some dropped ball.

Some members of the media were arguing for punter Matt Turk, but his gross average ranked only 10th in the AFC. Besides, choosing a punter as a team MVP is absurd unless the guy pins the opponent inside the 5-yard line three or four times a game.

Shoot, Wes Welker would have been a better choice than Turk.

As for the idea of not selecting an MVP, that's just lame. Yes, it was a horrible season, but if you establish a tradition of selecting an MVP, you don't interrupt it just because of a bad season.

That's like baseball's National or American League not electing a Cy Young Award winner after a year when hitting dominates and no pitcher has a great year.

You just don't do that.

It wasn't Jason Taylor's fault the Dolphins went 4-12 in 2004. The simple fact is he was the best player on a team that had a horrible season.

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