A good call

The Dolphins looked inside their family to fill the radio broadcast vacancies and came up with a couple of pretty solid choices. But the true voice of the Dolphins won't be doing the games.

Before we dissect the decision to hire Joe Rose and Jimmy Cefalo as the new radio voices of the Dolphins, we first must say that losing Jim Mandich will be a blow to those who listen to the games on the radio.

Mandich was a wildly entertaining analyst who was never afraid to cheer like a homer or criticize the Dolphins players when it was justified.

It took some time for Mandich to actually grow on me, but there came a time when I gained a tremendous appreciation for his work.

It actually was a bad move for the Dolphins to hire Howard David a few years back to replace Bill Zimpfer, simply because David took up some of Mandich's air time.

David is a rock-solid play-by-play guy, but he tends to overdo his role and try to be the star of the broadcast.

For the Dolphins broadcasts, for so many years, that was Mandich. Zimpfer understood that, which is why is low-key style made him such a perfect match for Mandich.

Rose and Cefalo have the potential to duplicate that kind of radio broadcast.

Cefalo is a tremendously polished, well-spoken broadcaster who never feels the need to get above the game. He doesn't have play-by-play experience, but one gets the feeling he'll handle that role without too many problems.

As for Rose, he's another guy -- like Mandich -- who's not afraid to speak his mind and has a vibrant personality. Like Cefalo, he doesn't have experience calling games, so there is a risk factor involved in both cases.

But we're saying it's a risk that more than likely will pan out.

From this vantage point, we'd still rather have the Zimpfer-Mandich team any Sunday of the fall, but Rose-Cefalo has the makings of a winning combination as well.

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