Dolphins Fantasy Five

In this new feature, looks at the top five questions for all 32 teams that fantasy football participants will have to face in their drafts this summer.

Miami Dolphins

1. Are any of their quarterbacks worth drafting? While offensive coordinator Scott Linehan brings to Miami a pretty strong offensive game plan they have some issues at various positions on offense. Their offensive line has been one of the worst in the league over the past few seasons and QBs A.J. Feeley and Gus Frerotte aren't anything special. If their offensive line makes a big jump in camp, then we could see drafting whoever starts as a backup because their receivers are pretty solid.

2. Where should RB Ronnie Brown be selected or what role should he have? Brown really won't have much competition from any of the backs currently on the roster or from veteran RB Ricky Williams once he's back on the team. Williams should be the main backup for Brown but expect Brown to get most of the workload. Williams could see time on third downs because of his experience as a blocker.

Brown certainly has a lot of talent but their offensive line needs to really improve and show us something for him to be drafted as a top-flight fantasy starter so his expectations should be tempered somewhat.

3. Is WR Chris Chambers worth drafting as a fantasy starter? Chambers has been somewhat of an underachiever the past few seasons mostly because he was underutilized. That should change with Linehan calling the plays so his fantasy stock should rise. However, unless their quarterback and offensive line play improve significantly, Chambers may not realize his full potential. That said, draft him as your third receiver just to be safe.

4. In light of the Randy McMichael situation, where do you draft him? Because there now exists the possibility that he gets suspended four games pending the outcome of his alleged domestic issues, you should proceed with caution when drafting him. What you will have to do just to be safe is get a backup tight end as insurance. You could wait to use a waiver move during the regular season but that player won't be as good as the one you could get now.

5. Is their fantasy defense worth drafting as a starter or backup? For many years, their fantasy defense was a pretty solid starter but they will have six new starters and lost defensive coordinator Jim Bates who took the same role with the Packers. Because of that, only select them as your backup.

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