A strange day

It was quite the scene at Dolphins camp on Monday as a large gathering of media converged to listen to what Ricky Williams had to say about his return to the Dolphins and his year away from the game. By all accounts, it was a productive day, with Williams issuing an apology and addressing the issue well enough that every day won't become a Ricky watch.

To show the interest this story has generated, just think back to the media gathering on Sunday just for Williams reporting to the team -- just in case he decided to talk to the media then.

Rest assured, Williams will remain a focal point in the next several weeks simply because his story is so unique.

But maybe the Dolphins will be more than just Williams for a change.

For that reason, it was good that Williams saw fit to talk on Monday. Otherwise, he would have been hounded and asked about it at every turn.

By taking care of it right off the bat he can move on to the business of getting himself ready to play.

Sure, there will be other Williams news that will come up, such as his contract, his suspension, his role on the team, but the biggest issue has been dealt with.

As far as what Williams said, the apology sounded sincere, perhaps more so because Williams was honest enough to later say he didn't regret anything on a personal level because the year off allowed to do some things he otherwise might not have been able to.

Apologizing to his teammates the day before also was a good move for Williams because owning up to what he did to the team will make everybody put the issue behind them a lot quicker.

So Williams appears ready to move on, but what kind of player are the Dolphins getting?

In hearing Williams talk, we can't help but think that he wouldn't be playing if it weren't for the $8.6 million he owes the Dolphins or the child support he has to pay.

We also see Williams, however, as someone who won't do anything half-assed. He might not like the idea of having to play football again, but since he has to, we're thinking he's going to be going full tilt.

Then again, with Ricky, who knows?

Because the one thing he said on Monday that might have stood out the most was his answer to what he would tell others to make them understand him.

"There's no way anyone could understand me," Williams answered. "I have friends who have known me for a long time who don't understand me. I'm just starting to understand myself."

So, you see, Williams hasn't changed that much since he left the Dolphins. He was unique then, he's unique now.

The Dolphins can only hope his football-playing ability hasn't changed, either.

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