Camp observations

With only four practices in the books, it's obviously ridiculously early to make any kind of judgments about this year's Dolphins. But that's certainly not going to stop us from offering a few opinions from what we've seen so far.

-- Neither quarterback competing for the starting job has really stood out so far, but A.J. Feeley probably has been the weaker of the two. His throws really were off during Tuesday's practice.

-- Rookie cornerback Travis Daniels is getting a lot of attention as a potential starter right off the bat, and the kid looks the part. He has looked good in coverage from what we've seen.

-- Vernon Carey might never be a great left tackle in the NFL, but he looks a whole lot better than he did last season.

-- The whole Manuel Wright episode was one of the most bizarre things we've seen in a long, long time. Again, the whole things just raises a lot of questions about a young player who's got tons of natural ability.

-- Before we get too far along, we know you're wondering about Ricky Williams. Well, we can tell you he's moving very well. In fact, he shows more quickness hitting the hole in practice than any of the other running backs.

-- Tight end Donald Lee has dropped his share of passes in practice. If it weren't for the lack of quality tight ends on this roster, he might have to worry about his roster spot. Hell, he might have to worry anyway.

-- Speaking of tight ends, Randy McMichael has declined to talk to the media since the start of training camp. McMichael obviously couldn't say much in terms of specifics about the recent incident involving his wife, but making a statement of some sort at some point would be advisable because the media isn't going to let up on him talking about it. Fact is, he should have gotten it out of the way on Monday when the focus clearly was on Ricky Williams' first day of practice.

-- Another guy dropping too many passes is fullback Jamar Martin. He came into the league as a blocking specialist and he does that very well. But that's not the focus of the position in Scott Linehan's offense, and that's going to mean trouble for Martin when it comes time for roster cuts.

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