James discusses "scary" episode

Guard Jeno James doesn't remember the details shortly before he was taken to a hospital last week but he does remember thinking about Korey Stringer after the fact.

"I thought about that," James said about the former Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle who died in 2001 after collapsing at training camp. "I can't answer that right now. I'm happy to be here today and alive right now."

James said he was still feeling a little queazy but was gaining strength by the hour. He didn't know exactly when he would return to practice.

James was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday evening after he became light-headed and vomited following a night practice.

"I don't remember that night," James said. "I know I was kind of sick heading into the two-a-days. I was just hoping to make it through practice. After that, I don't know."

James does remember being visited at the hospital by Coach Nick Saban and several teammates. James said he was touched by their appearance.

"It made me feel a little better about what happened," James said. "It felt great to know we have honor on this team. It's a special team."

James said he didn't think he had anything more than a stomach ache before being taken to the hospital and had played in those conditions before.

"I don't feel like I wasn't smart," James said. "I just didn't know how serious it was. I thought it was just a stomach ache. I don't think I wasn't smart about it.

"It was scary. It was very, very painful. It's one of the hardest things I ever went through in my life as far as being sick. It's something I never want to go through again."

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