Cornerback a big concern

Coach Nick Saban admitted on Wednesday that he was on the lookout for some defensive backs to help the Dolphins "get through" the preseason game against Jacksonville. The truth is the Dolphins need help in the secondary for the long haul as well.

More specifically, we're looking at the cornerback position.

We are not basing what we are saying on what happened in the preseason opener against the Bears just because the Dolphins were torched for 376 yards passing.

That would be too simple.

The truth is cornerback was a major concern as training camp began.

The loss of Patrick Surtain, whether you believe it was necessary or not, was nothing short of huge because he is one of the top cornerbacks in the league. And also because the Dolphins didn't really have a replacement already in place.

Will Poole looked like he might be that guy before he went down with a knee injury in the offseason, but even he had question marks given his relative lack of experience.

Now we're looking at a battle between Reggie Howard and Travis Daniels. Howard has experience, but he's coming off a so-so season and he got beat badly a couple of times in Monday night's preseason opener.

As for Daniels, yes, he knows Saban's system very well and, yes, he's a very smart player. But he also lacks ideal speed for the cornerback position, which is why he wasn't drafted until the fourth round.

At this point, the Dolphins might want to seriously consider signing veteran Bobby Taylor, who isn't as good as he was in his prime but still looks like a better option than either Howard or Daniels.

The Dolphins also don't have a whole lot of depth at cornerback, a situation that only got worse Wednesday when Alphonso Roundtree was waived.

The Dolphins defensive backs will be well coached, given Saban's credentials, but coaching will only get you so far. What this group needs is more talent.

The Dolphins have done a good job of building up their roster since the start of camp with the signings of guys like Jason Glenn, Lance Schulters and Frank Middleton. A veteran cornerback would be a good next step. "We are in the process of doing that. We are a little bit short because of injuries. We would like to add some guys who would help us get through this game."

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