The Dolphins have taken care of re-signing their restricted and exclusive-rights free agents, and the question now is whether they will be able to re-sign any of their unrestricted free agents.<P>Tight end Jed Weaver re-signed on Monday, joining defensive end Adewale Ogunleye and safety Trent Gamble, who had re-signed last week.<P>

Word is the Dolphins appear ready to re-sign both wide receiver Jeff Ogden and linebacker Scott Galyon. Ogden is an unrestricted free agent, and he has received some interest from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Galyon, for his part, was released in the offseason after being left exposed in the expansion draft.

The Dolphins also would like to re-sign defensive end Lorenzo Bromell, but have some competition for his services. Both the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs also are after Bromell.

If they can't re-sign Bromell, the Dolphins likely will turn their attention to former Ravens starter Rob Burnett or former Seahawks Pro Bowler Michael Sinclair.

Punter Matt Turk said last week he didn't think he would be back with the Dolphins, who reportedly are not willing to offer more than a one-year contract at this time. Turk has drawn a lot of interest from the New York Jets.

Finally, it's looking more and more like the Dolphins will not sign veteran wide receiver Cris Carter, who is asking for way more money than the Dolphins want to give him.

Carter is in line to join HBO's "Inside The NFL" as a commentator because there is very little interest in his services after an offseason during which he turned off several teams because of his comments.

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