What to look for

As was the case in Monday night's preseason opener, the Dolphins didn't do any game-planning for Saturday night's game against Jacksonville. That means no one should get overly concerned about what happens in the contest. There are things to keep an eye on, however, and here are five of them.

1. The QB competition -- At the risk of repeating ourselves because we mentioned this last Monday night as well, we start off with the battle between Gus Frerotte and A.J. Feeley. Frerotte clearly appears to have the edge right now and he'll get the start against the Jaguars. The veteran could all but slam the door shut on Feeley with another strong performance against the Jags.

2. Picking up the blitz -- The offensive line still is a work in progress, but it absolutely has to do a better job at blitz pick-up than it did last season and in the preseason opener. Jacksonville might not blitz as much as Chicago did, but the offensive line needs to be alert nonetheless. It also will be interesting to see how Vernon Carey fares after a so-so performance against Chicago.

3. David Boston -- His performance against Chicago might have been the most encouraging thing of all Monday night, and if he can build on that he might lock up the role as the No. 3 receiver and, who knows, perhaps put himself in position to challenge Marty Booker for a starting job.

4. The secondary -- The Bears passed for 376 yards against the Dolphins and the total could have been higher if not for a couple of bad throws on plays where the receiver had gotten behind the secondary. There's not anybody in the secondary who had a good game against Chicago, so it would be nice to see major improvement against Jacksonville.

5. Manuel Wright -- The rookie was criticized by ABC's John Madden for being in bad shape and not going all out on every down, and there was some validity to what Madden said. Wright does have tremendous potential but at some point we'll have to start seeing some production if we're to believe he can make a contribution anytime soon.

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