QB competition might be over

There was a lot of media speculation following the Jacksonville game that Gus Frerotte had pulled away in the quarterback competition, and that was confirmed on Monday when Nick Saban said he was going to let Frerotte work with the first-team offense all week and Frerotte would start next Saturday night at Pittsburgh.

We'll take it a step further and say that the only way A.J. Feeley will start in 2005 is if Frerotte gets injured.

In fact, it's not a stretch to suggest that Feeley is a lot closer to the No. 3 spot than the No. 1 spot.

The latest depth chart has Frerotte and Feeley listed together on the first team with a slash, but that might be Saban's way of keeping Feeley from getting discouraged.

But reality says that Saban is making the right choice here.

It's not as though Frerotte lit it up against Jacksonville Saturday night, but his mistakes came because he was off target with his throws.

Otherwise, he continued to show good poise in the pocket and a good command of the offense.

Feeley, meanwhile, continued with the same questionable decision-making he showed last year, throwing an interception on a deep ball where the receiver was totally covered and also taking a grounding penalty when all he needed to do was take a couple of steps to his right to get outside the tackle box.

Sage Rosenfels has looked good in his two backup appearances in the preseason, and it's not out of the realm of possibility that he could push for the No. 2 job.

And, who knows, maybe Frerotte will struggle badly against Pittsburgh and Feeley will shine, and the competition for the starting job will be on again.

There's been nothing to suggest, this year or last, that it's going to happen. So, even though nothing is official yet, we can pretty safely say it: Starting at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, No. 11, Gus Frerotte.

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