A red flag

Let's say right from the start that it might not be the fairest thing in the world, but you just can't help getting bad vibes whenever David Boston misses a practice for whatever reason. That's exactly what happened Tuesday morning, and that uneasy feeling quickly arrived.

Boston was at practice on Tuesday morning, but he didn't have his pads and instead of his helmet he was wearing an orange baseball cap.

This is what Coach Nick Saban had to say regarding Boston: "David Boston has a little bit of soreness in his knee. We gave him a day off and we'll see how that goes and reevaluate that day-to-day."

When asked whether the Dolphins were pacing Boston, Saban replied: "We try to be smart about how we manage guys that are coming off of injuries and how they feel. He hasn't had a problem and he hadn't had much soreness. We've done a really good job offensively of controlling the number of reps he has. It's been something he has been able to work through and improve on. We didn't really increase his reps, but he had a little soreness yesterday so we just backed him off and gave him a day rather than trying to make it worse. We will just have to re-evaluate and see what happens from here."

Hmm. Re-evaluate and see what happens from there. Doesn't that sound intriguing to you? Just a little?

Again, under normal circumstances, that would be the end of that. But Boston obviously isn't your average player.

Injuries unfortunately are an issue with him, as is this suspicion that he's another injury waiting to happen, the idea being that his upper body simply is too big for his lower body.

Boston, of course, is coming off a season-ending knee injury sustained last summer in workouts with the Houston Texans and his re-signing with the Dolphins came as somewhat of a surprise.

The move was sound because it didn't involve much risk -- it's not like the Dolphins gave Boston a lot of up-front money.

But now Boston has teased us with some impressive play in the preseason and he already has moved up on the depth chart past Derrius Thompson. Boston is looking more and more in games the way he did during his glory years in Arizona and it's not inconceivable he could challenge Marty Booker for a starting job if he continues to perform the way he has.

But it's also not inconceivable that Boston's fragile body will give out again.

Again, it's not really fair, but every time the guy is out, you can't help but think the worst.

The Dolphins have built up some depth at wide receiver, but they don't have many guys with Boston's big-play capability. Having him for the whole year just would be a very nice bonus.

The big question is whether that will happen. Or even has a chance.

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