Ricky revelations

Ricky Williams held his weekly session with the media on Wednesday, and it didn't fail to live up to expectations. That would be our expectations, of course, because Ricky has said this summer he doesn't believe in expectations. But Ricky believes in a lot of different things and his interviews have been very interesting every time out since his return.

Wednesday's session was spiced up by the presence of CBS' Mike Wallace, in town to do a follow-up to the exclusive Ricky interview he did last fall.

The plan was for another one-on-one interview to serve as an update after a re-airing of the original interview Sept. 18, the day the Dolphins are playing a 4:15 p.m. in New York against the Jets.

This time, however, Ricky declined to do a one-on-one with Wallace, so Wallace just joined the media gathering in a room adjacent to the media workplace.

The back-and-forth with Wallace and Williams certainly was entertaining, with Wallace reminding Williams of a bet they had made last fall. Wallace bet Wiliams during the interview that Ricky would return to football. At stake was lunch or dinner, with Ricky now saying it would have to be dinner because he's now working.

There were many highlights in Ricky's interview beyond his exchanges with Wallace.

Some of the highlights:

On being offended about being lumped in with Randy Moss and Terrell Owens as problem players: "I'm not offended because anyone who knew me wouldn't make that assumption. So people say all sorts of things about me, but they don't really know who I am, so I can't expect them to know anything about me."

On ever giving thought to the war in Iraq and ever having to fight in a war: "I think there's a war outside, but there's also a war inside all of us. But when you talk about world peace and people doing all these things for peace and they want to be treated fairly, I think it really starts with yourself. To treat yourself fairly and look for peace inside yourself. When each of us can do that, then the peace just spreads outward."

On saying previously he wasn't having fun: "In the context of the way it was asked. It's fun, but not in the sense that it's ... because when you look at fun, you look across from fun and you see work. I think the fun is the result of hard work. It's not fun by itself but if you work hard, then you get to the fun."

On the biggest he's learned now that's he back: "I wouldn't say I was back because you look at your life, it's not cut up into slices. It's one continuous flow. Clearly, I guess I'm back in this building, but my life is still going forward."

On changing his mind about apologizing: "I found a reason to apologize. ... The reason is that people, we're all different, we all have different values, we all have different ways of going about our lives and if someone else sees things differently than I do, I still have to respect their opinion, therefore if someone felt that ... if I hurt someone or they felt that what I did upset them, then out of respect for them I owe them an apology. Does that make any sense? I'm being more understanding of their point of view and not being so selfish."

Finally, Williams said he hadn't shaved his beard because he didn't have a reason to, unlike others who do it because of their job or because of their wife.

We can tell you this about Ricky: He looks happier than he did two years ago.

In fact, he was asked point blank about looking happy, and he said there was nothing not to be happy about.

Say what you want about the guy, but he continue to maintain he's a somebody who's got a lot of interesting things to say.

Wednesday was just another example.

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