Familiar foe

Jay Fiedler made a late appearance in the Jets' 27-7 season-opening loss at Kansas City last Sunday, and he would love nothing more than to play again this weekend. In fact, he couldn't downplay what it would mean to get a chance to go against his former team.

Of course, this isn't scheduled to happen because Chad Pennington again will start at quarterback for the Jets, but you never know, an injury or other circumstances could put Fiedler in the game.

"Yeah, I would love to get in any week. This is the next game and (I) would definitely love to play against those guys," Fiedler told the South Florida media in a conference call Wednesday. "I've been playing against them in practice for five years and I know all those guys pretty well. I'm sure it would be a great atmosphere going out on the field against the Dolphins defense. It will be interesting to see them play live rather than at a practice tempo."

Fiedler addressed other topics on Wednesday, including his departure from the Dolphins.

-- Fiedler was asked whether he would have liked a more balanced offense during his time in Miami: "ell, yeah. I think we tried mixing it up on occasion. Obviously, as a quarterback, you want to have the freedom to throw the ball as much as possible, run some different things. We had some problems when we did call some of the big plays and trick plays. We hurt ourselves with protection problems and other things that we weren't able to get to a lot of those calls."

-- Fiedler said it wasn't weird putting on a Jets uniform after five seasons in Miami, but did add, "The one thing that was different coming out for the first preseason game was I started leaning toward the other bench, because I've been going to the visitors side so many times coming out of the tunnel in Giants Stadium there."

-- Fiedler was asked why things didn't work out for him in Miami. "I thought it worked out pretty good down there. I was there for five years. We had some pretty good seasons. We won about 10 games a year up until last year. Last year was a bit of an anomaly. We had so many things that went wrong from March all the way through the end of the year and then myself going on injured reserve was frustrating on top of that. But I knew going into last year and coming off last year with my contract situation that there was a good chance I wasn't going to be there after last year."

Fiedler said he never heard from Coach Nick Saban after the season.

Fiedler also said he still speaks to a couple of former Dolphins teammates from time to time.

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