Staying grounded

The Dolphins have every reason to feel good about themselves after what they did to the Denver Broncos last Sunday, but they also know it's only the beginning and there's no reason to get overly excited.

In fact, Jason Taylor could only laugh when he was asked this week whether he was concerned all the praise the Dolphins got after the victory over Denver would go to the players' heads.

"I don't listen to anything you guys say anyway," Taylor said. "You guys say we're bad and we suck and fans have said it for the last six, seven months that we are going to be 4-12, but I don't listen to any of it.

"We won one game. I know we haven't done anything yet and we haven't accomplished anything yet. We still have a chip on our shoulder and we will the rest of the year."

The Dolphins find themselves ranked No. 1 in the NFL in total offense after they racked up 426 total yards against Denver, and players as well as Coach Nick Saban were asked about that accomplishment.

Again, the Dolphins have played ONE game.

"I think that is exactly right, it is one game," Saban said. "I think that we were pleased with what we were able to do on offense. ... I think consistency in performance is what we are looking for right now."

This is not something new from Saban, who has preached consistency since taking over along with being more concerned with the process than with results.

Perhaps that's why Dolphins players weren't getting carried with the victory over Denver, no matter how impressive it was.

* * *

The Dolphins are in good shape physically entering the Jets game on Sunday. Not one of their players missed any portion of the team drills this week in practice.

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