Game observations

These Dolphins showed once again on Sunday that they have a lot of fight in them, bouncing back from a miserable first half to almost pull off a big victory at Buffalo. But it's also a team that's not going to go anywhere if it continues to rack up penalties the way the Dolphins have so far this season.

The Dolphins once again topped the double-digit mark in penalties against the Bills; they actually outid themselves with a franchise-record 18.

Some of them are acceptable, like holding and pass interference. But the Dolphins have got to stop with the false starts and the offsides.

It is borderline ridiculous how often the Dolphins are getting flagged for those things.

On offense, Rex Hadnot is the guy who has been the biggest culprit. According to our calculations, his two false starts on Sunday gave him six in four games this season.

He might be a fine young offensive lineman with a bright future, but at some point somebody needs to sit him down and have a long chat.

On defense, Kevin Carter, Jason Taylor, Travis Daniels, Jeff Zgonina, Matt Roth all were flagged for offside. Guys, it's one thing to try to anticipate the snap count on a blitz one time, but how about some discipline? How about watching the ball instead of listening to the quarterback?

Here are some other observations from the game:

-- The Dolphins kept Randy McMichael in to block a lot against the Bills. Too much if you ask us. The guy is the team's best -- by far -- receiver and he had only one ball thrown in his direction the entire game. That is not right.

-- In case you're wondering about the previous statement of McMichael being by far the best receiver on the team, yes, you read correctly. If you're thinking Chris Chambers, sorry. Yes, he does have great physical tools and he makes spectacular catches at times. But he's also not consistent enough with his hands and he does a poor job of preventing interceptions on ill-advised or poorly thrown balls, as was evidenced again on Sunday. Troy Vincent got an interception in the first half because Chambers waited for Gus Frerotte's long and high to come to him as opposed to going to meet the ball.

-- The run defense of this team is nothing short of tremendous and a lot of people are contributing.

-- The cornerbacks continue to have this maddening habit of never turning around to look at the ball. The two major problems with that is pass interference calls are going to be made and it's only difficult to get an interception with your back to the quarterback.

-- Despite his crucial fumble in the last two minutes, Ronnie Brown had another strong game as he continues to look more and more like the real deal. And, in case you still want to compare, Cadillac Williams continues to battle injury problems.

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