Surtain homecoming

Cornerback Patrick Surtain would still love to be a member of the Miami Dolphins, and the team sure could use him considering the shaky play of the secondary so far this season. But that's not happening, so there's no sense in looking back. Instead, we can look forward to seeing Surtain once again Friday night, this time in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform. And we can tell you one guy who's looking forward to it is wide receiver Chris Chambers.

Chambers and Surtain used to go against each other in practice during his time together with the Dolphins, but this time their battle will take on a whole new meaning.

"It's going to be pretty cool, it's going to be a challenge," Chambers said. "A couple weeks ago he was down here for his wife's birthday and they had a bye, so I was able to spend some time with him. We were both talking about our teams and the direction our teams were going in. He said their defense was going to get together by the time we play each other. I said the same thing about our offense. We were kind of going at it a little bit. It should be fun. He knows what I do. I know about him, so it should be a good matchup."

Chambers was asked whether there was at the time or will be any trash-talking when the two go head-to-head.

"It's never going to be anything serious," Chambers said. "We've been going against each other for years, so I'm just going to have some fun. I'm going to go out and try to beat him. I'm sure he's going to do his best against me."

Naturally, Chambers was asked who won most of the battles between the two in practice.

"Me, of course," Chambers said with a smile. "You have to ask somebody on the outside but I'm going to say that."

Actually, Surtain won't always be facing Chambers during Friday night's game. In the Chiefs' defensive scheme, Surtain doesn't cover the opponent's best receiver, but rather always lines up on the left side.

Regardless, Surtain has made a quick impression on his new team and his new coach.

"I knew some kids that played at Miami and played with him and I knew he was a hard worker, a character guy, a good preparation guy and he loves to play football," said Kansas City coach Dick Vermeil. "He's been exactly that here. He's done a great job."

At the time of the Surtain trade, Coach Nick Saban indicated the trade was made purely because of financial considerations. The big problem was that Surtain was heading into the final year of his contract and Saban either thought it was going to be difficult to re-sign him or not prudent to give him big money over the long term.

Either way, Surtain doesn't hold a grudge.

"I talked to Nick a couple of times," Surtain told the South Florida media this week. "He told me it wasn't due to my performance because he would have loved to have kept me. It came down to a business decision. In the NFL, business usually wins. It was time to move on and I'm happy to be a Chief. I'm looking forward to the game. It's going to be a weird feeling coming back."

Surtain is aware of the problems the Dolphins secondary has been having this season, but it's not like he's happy about it.

"I don't need any vindication from that," he said. "They chose to go that way and they're dealing with it right now. Reggie (Howard) and I became real good friends. I hope he gets back on the field and playing like I know he can play.

"I had a great time there, but I'm a Chief now. The way the league works today seven years is a pretty long time to stay with one team."

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