Frerotte still the man

Coach Nick Saban indicated on Tuesday that quarterback Gus Frerotte was not solely to blame for the offensive problems of recent games, a strong indication he was planning on sticking with the veteran. That endorsement was a change from his postgame comments last Friday night when he was a lot more noncommittal.

"There's always competition at every position, but I think that if you ask Gus he would probably say he's disappointed in his performance in terms of how he played in that particular game," Saban said. "But really, the quarterback is only going to function relative to how the people around him give him an opportunity to do that. And I think that in the past two games, the quarterback has been affected by what has gone on around him. I think that any quarterback probably would and that execution has to get better for the whole group. We can't improve and adjust on routes, we have to have discipline in what we're doing and we have to do a better job in protection. And obviously, the cumulative effect of not doing well on first and second down relative to our execution puts us in a bad position in third-down situation relative to people pinning their ears back and in the coverages on long-yardage situations.

"I think that at this point, I'm not ready to say that changing quarterbacks is going to solve all our problems — so that's where it's at."

* * *

The Dolphins made some roster moves after the Kansas City game.

The move notable saw fullback Heath Evans get released. Taking his place at fullback was fourth-year player Darian Barnes, who served as the primary blocker for Julius Jones in Dallas last season.

The Dolphins also signed safety Norman LeJeune, who played for Saban at LSU, to replace veteran Tebucky Jones.

Jones was placed on injured reserve after undergoing surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle he sustained in the loss to Kansas City.

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