Lemon pitching in

Newly acquired Cleo Lemon might never play a down for the Dolphins this season, but he nonetheless could prove very valuable -- particularly this week.

Lemon this week is playing the part of Falcons quarterback Michael Vick on the scout team.

It is Lemon's job to simulate Atlanta's offense, which obviously features a lot of scrambling by the ultra-athletic Vick.

"Cleo does a good job of helping us in that way because he is a good athlete and he can move around and run around," Coach Nick Saban said Wednesday. "I don't know that anybody is like Michael Vick, but at least there is some simulation there, in terms of athleticism to help us practice some scramble, runs and things like that."

Lemon, acquired from San Diego at the trading deadline in exchange for quarterback A.J. Feeley and a sixth-round pick, is quick to point out he's nowhere near as fast as Vick is -- then again, there might not be a faster player in the entire league.

Lemon also is quick to point out that, unlike Vick, he's a pocket passer.

But this week in practice he has been instructed to take off with the ball any time a play breaks down.

"I have nowhere near his speed," Lemon said. "But at the same time you do your best to just give the guys a look."

The Dolphins have an idea of what to expect from Vick. Of course, stopping him is an entirely different proposition.

If they're able to do it on Sunday, then Lemon will have done more for the Dolphins in one day than Feeley would have done all season.

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