Boston bummer

David Boston showed last Sunday at New Orleans what he could do for the Dolphins offense when he caught a 54-yard pass in the first half. But those moments have been too far and few between, and it seems that Boston takes a step back every time he takes a step forward.

Boston has been inconsistent on the field, with only four catches in five games, but the bigger issue is a nagging knee problem that keeps coming back.

Boston didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday, and Coach Nick Saban called it an issue of "managing" an existing injury.

Here's the troubling part: Saban compared Boston's situation to that of linebacker Eddie Moore, whose knee problem eventually led to Saban putting him on injured reserve.

""We've been hopeful that he would be able to do some things with consistency, but it seems like this has been reoccurring now for quite some time," Saban said Thursday. "Any time he does a significant amount of work, his ability to recover is not what it needs to be to be able to practice all the time, so that has been a little bit of an issue."

Boston has been inactive twice this season, against Buffalo and Kansas City.

The knee was an issue in the Buffalo game, while Saban said a roster decision led to Boston being inactivated against the Chiefs.

That decision was made because Boston doesn't play special teams and Saban didn't want to have five wide receivers active. So he went with Wes Welker and Bryan Gilmore along with starters Chris Chambers and Marty Booker against Kansas City.

There's no question that Boston is an immensely talented wideout, but there have been health and work ethic questions surrounding him ever since he entered the league as a first-round pick.

All of those have come into play this season, and one can't help but wonder if Saban is going to run out of patience at some point and do with Boston what he did with Eddie Moore.

Speaking of Moore, Saban said Thursday he's not ready to give up on the former second-round pick.

"In Eddie's situation it is a similar issue with what we talked about before with David Boston," Saban said. "It's not that he couldn't function, [it's that] he couldn't function with any consistency, in terms of being able to do something, recover, practice and prepare for the next time, so the dependability issue – it wasn't that he didn't try. Eddie Moore did a fantastic job of working as hard as you can work to prepare in practice and rehab. Nobody here has any issue with attitude or intensity to try to get things done the way we wanted them to get done, but he just could not sustain.

"Dr. (James) Andrews is going to scope him again. We don't know the outcome of that. It is going to happen today and we will see what happens. This is a little bit more exploratory, as well as what do we need to do to maybe get better here. Based on the results that we get today, then we will plan a course for the future and a direction, but right now Eddie Moore is a part of our team and we are going to support him every way we can to try to get him healthy. He can be a good player if he can get healthy."

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